Birth Stories

Because of the beautiful, unpredictable, incredibly amazing nature of Birth stories, they are structured a bit differently than our other sessions. 

Your baby's birth is one of the most exciting, life-changing moments you will ever experience! You are going to want to capture every moment, every feeling, every tiny detail. Labor, delivery, and recovery are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually intense and exhausting - trust me, you won't remember a lot of it when it's done. Birth stories can help you process through the experience as well as preserve those memories for generations to come. Having a photographer also allows your support person to be fully present with you instead of worrying about capturing photos.

As a Labor and Delivery nurse, I am intimately familiar with the birth process and the birth space. I am able to adjust and adapt to capture any and all circumstances, while remaining professional and in tune to your needs. I am deeply passionate about Birth photography and capturing your story as it unfolds. Some moms have said they are eternally grateful for the support I was able to provide during labor and other moms have said how thankful they were that they couldn't even tell I was in the room! I will be whatever you need me to be for YOUR story. 

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Birth story - still images only

Includes 150-200 digital images with print release

Slideshow with select images to share your story


Birth story - still images + video

Includes 150-200 digital images with print release

Slideshow with select images and video clips to share your story







*Personalized payment plans are available upon request

*We also offer a Baby Gift Registry!

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